Friends of Hoax Girl

Instagram is stupid all my homies hate centralized social media. All my homies love independent content and bad html. Here are some other websites I like made by people I like. One day this may get replaced by a full webring but we aren't organized enough for that at the moment so this will have to suffice. More will be added once I bully enough people into doing this.

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This is a good website! Biitchboiii has good opinions held by a good individual. I think you will appreciate her content if you like mine. Excellent MS Paint art as well. Degrassipilled. My QPP.

Jeremy is good at photoshop and very funny. Updates periodically, not regularily. Not Degrassipilled.

Cait's site is new but promising! She makes very good art and I love her. Also, Zonelets soidarity!!!! Not Degrassipilled.

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