BOY, it's been a minute!!

Yeah, I have been very MIA! Exams and such came in and also my brain has been totally emptied of complex thoughts. This means I do not have any new content at the moment. However, I felt guilty for some reason. I'm pretty sure no one is like, actively concerned about the state of this website and its contents, but I don't like abandoning things!

Anyways, I though maybe I would instead share someone else's work instead, just to know I shared a thing. SO, here is one of my favourite articles in recent memory, just in case you too are into cultural studies and media history. If you aren't, well, sorry I guess. So, yeah! Go read Everyone is Beautiful and No One is Horny by Raquel Benedcit. It's about how no one has sex in action movies anymore and I think it's a good quick read. Slight CW for brief mentiones of eating disorders.

Anyways, I hope to get back into posting in the near future, but maybe I'll just come back with more reading reccomendations. who knows.